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10/1/2019 (Permalink)

Flood and water damage occur in homes and businesses more often than you may realize. This type of damage can result from a storm or hurricane damaging your area. Regardless of where you’re located, flood water can reach you, whether you live in the mountains, the beach, or even the desert.

It is important to remain mindful of the following safety tips:

  • Avoid floodwaters if possible. If you are caught in an area where water reaches above your ankles, find another path or walk another way.
  • If you reach a flooded road when driving, find a way around or follow the directions of safety personnel. Many vehicles can be carried away by as little as 2 feet of moving water!
  • Be cautious of consuming or bathing in water found outside since disease can be carried by contaminated floodwaters.

Floods have the potential to cause noticeable damage to property when not treated quickly, and cleanup can be an overwhelming task. SERVPRO of Northeast Long Beach/Lakewood has the experience and knowledge to assist you when a storm looms over your home or business. We’re here to help 24/7.


10/1/2019 (Permalink)

While vacations are a time for relaxation, an unexpected storm can ruin an otherwise amazing trip. It is important to remain mindful of the following hurricane safety tips:

Check the news: Check the weather of your travel destination up to a week in advance to avoid any surprise downpours. 

Obtain Hurricane Travel Insurance: Hurricane insurance can cover travel delays as a result of poor weather conditions and help you cancel your trip or leave early. 

Make paper copy of documents: In the event internet or digital devices are unavailable, printed copies of your travel insurance, itinerary, key phone numbers, and your passport will ensure you have reliable back-ups.

Identify a point of contact: Select an area to find your family or travel members in case cell phone coverage becomes unavailable.

Identify Evacuation Routes: Ask your hotel staff about emergency exit routes and safety procedures.

SERVPRO of Northeast Long Beach/Lakewood wishes you a safe and hurricane free vacation! If you're in need of any assistance related to storm damage, we are here to help!


10/1/2019 (Permalink)

Buildings are not always constructed to handle storm damage. After a hurricane, many components of your home or business may require replacement. If you experience destruction caused by strong elements during a storm, we’re here to help!

A hurricane can bring about black water, sewage water containing bacteria, mold, and viruses. Once black water permeates through the floor, walls, or ceiling, replacement of contaminated areas is recommended. Sanding down floorboards, for example, is no longer feasible once the top layer is heavily saturated.

Additionally, strong winds can knock over trees or bring debris into your home. A single branch from a large tree could have enough weight to destroy a roof. As a result, runoff of torrential rains may begin to flow into your Long Beach home or business. In this situation, SERVPRO technicians can use penetrating moisture meters and special equipment to recommend the best course of action based on the amount of damage incurred.

If you find yourself in a situation too big to handle, call SERVPRO of Northeast Long Beach/Lakewood for immediate and professional service.


9/30/2019 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO, fire restoration and clean-up are our specialties. Smoke can affect a building’s structure in unexpected ways. Depending on temperature, the environment, and air flow, smoke can distribute in many different areas and create more damage than initially thought. Fortunately, you can count on SERVPRO of Northeast Long Beach/Lakewood to handle fire and smoke damage quickly and professionally.

Furniture, decorations, and enclosed spaces interact with the smoke in unusual ways. In warmer air, molecules move from hot areas to colder areas of the room. These particles rest behind cool drapes or under shades, and they travel into drawers, closets, and cavities. Since smoke particles are often ionized (possessing an electrical charge), smoke damage may also occur on surrounding nail heads in the ceiling and synthetic materials such as vinyl, due to their greater ionization characteristics.

Additionally, air currents may carry smoke away from the fire, damaging rooms not directly affected by the incident. Airstreams may carry it around doors, and residue begins to build on the far side of door openings - with the pattern diminishing further away from the fire. Understanding the physics helps takes mystery out of stressful situation.

Smoke resulting from fire can behave in unintended ways. It permeates a house as it seeks new places to settle. The resulting effects can be long lasting and have an impact on your health. If you find yourself in such a situation, SERVPRO of Northeast Long Beach/Lakewood will have you breathing better.


9/3/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage can occur in a variety of ways, including a slab leak. A slab leak is a term to describe a leak that has developed in the copper water lines running below the concrete foundation of your home. When these same leaks are above ground, in the wall or ceiling, they are known as pinhole leaks. Check out the signs in this list, so you'll be ready if it happens to you.

Your Hardwood or Tile Floor is Suddenly Hot

Do your floors suddenly feel hot? You might have a hot-side slab leak that is running 24/7 and heating up your floors from below. Unfortunately, those nice warm floors are costing you a bundle to heat all that water! 

If you have carpeting, you probably won't detect the hot spot right away. If you have pets, you may notice them lying in a certain spot repeatedly on cool days, so check the floor and see if it's warmer than surrounding areas.

Low Water Pressure

With so much water flowing out of leaks or breaks in the pipes, that leaves less water to travel to your fixtures, resulting in sudden low water pressure. If you're not using water at the same time anywhere else in the house, like the washing machine or the shower, you could have a slab leak that's stealing your water pressure.

Bad or Musty Smells 

If water from a slab leak bubbles up under your carpet, mold and mildew growth will soon follow. If the leak wicks up into the drywall, you could also develop mold in your walls. While these types of mold growth are usually not visible, you will definitely start to smell them! So if areas of your house suddenly smell musty, check this list for other signs of a slab leak. 

If you think you have a slab, don't hesitate to call us 24/7. We will identify the source of the problem, restore your home or business to preloss conditions, and make it "Like it never even happened."


8/19/2019 (Permalink)

Fire and water can create commercial damage that impacts your local Long Beach business, including infrastructure damage, property damage, and loss of revenue. A sound business continuity plan will keep your business running in the event of an emergency.

A business continuity plan offers several benefits:

  • It improves public perception and acceptance of the company. By displaying a proactive attitude and preparedness, the public will have a positive impression of the organization, leading to more trust and business.
  • It will boost your employees' morale and command loyalty by offering them more assurance and stability.
  • Shareholders and partners will gain added security by investing and collaborating with a business that makes every effort to prepare for the unexpected.
  • Overall efficiency improves, allowing the company to respond quickly and keep losses to a minimum.

With a well-designed plan, we hope to see your Long Beach or Lakewood commercial business operating efficiently. Even with preparation, SERVPRO of Northeast Long Beach/Lakewood recognizes that emergencies happen routinely, and we are here to help clean, restore, and repair your commercial building 24/7.


8/12/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage could result from several different causes including cooking equipment, old electrical equipment, and flammable materials. Should you experience a sizable fire in you home for any reason, there are some important steps to take during the aftermath. Remain mindful of the following actions:

  • Examine you and your family for injuries and seek medical help
  • If you can’t find a place to stay, your local Red Cross can help provide food and provisions
  • Notify your insurance company about the fire
  • Do not re-enter your home until instructed to do so. Talk to firefighters about what can be salvaged instead
  • Once you are cleared to enter the building, check for important documents and keepsakes
  • Make a list of your possessions and note damaged goods
  • Keep track of receipts for expenses as a result of the fire

Nobody wants to be caught off guard after a fire. By knowing important actions to take after a house fire, you and your family can live a little bit safer. When accidents happen, SERVPRO of Northeast Long Beach/Lakewood is here to clean fire damage and restore your home quickly and professionally.


8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Since a toaster uses a large amount of electricity to create a lot of heat in a confined space, there remains some inherent risk for fire damage in your Long Beach or Lakewood home. Modern toaster ovens often have advanced safety features such as automatic shutoffs to prevent the heating element from overheating. Nevertheless, there are still some dangers, particularly with older toaster ovens. Educate yourself about the risks, and never leave a toaster oven unattended.


Like anything else that gets hot, toaster ovens can cause burns. Outside parts of the toaster such as the glass door can get hot enough to cause blisters. It is also easy to burn yourself reaching into a toaster oven to retrieve food since the area is quite small.


Fires in toaster ovens can occur for many reasons. If small particles of bread accumulate in the bottom, they can catch fire inside, spreading smoke. Additionally, some toaster ovens can catch fire if kept in confined spaces or as a result of a serious design flaw.

Electric Shock

Toaster ovens and other electric appliances that use heating elements use high-voltage electricity to generate heat. If you come directly in contact with the electricity, you can receive a potentially fatal shock. Never reach into a toaster oven with a knife, fork, or other metal conductor. 

If you experience fire due to a faulty toaster oven, SERVPRO of Northeast Long Beach/Lakewood is ready to answer your call. Our technicians are available to walk the premises and provide a solution for proper cleanup and restoration. Don’t hesitate to call 562-420-0030.


7/29/2019 (Permalink)

Washing machines are one of the most common sources of water damage in the home, and the damage can be costly, reaching potentially thousands of dollars.

Faulty washing machines can be difficult to diagnose and time consuming to repair. Specific preventative measures can save you both time and money down the road. The most effective ways of preventing damage from your washing machine are to:

  • Replace the washing machine intake hose every 5 years.
  • Check your sewer line after a storm, before running your washing machine.
  • Don’t overload your washing machine.
  • Have your machine professionally installed to avoid water line pinches and drainage issues.
  • Shut off the intake valve behind your machine at the first sign of trouble.
  • If you can’t access the intake valve, know how to shut off your home’s water main.

If you experience water damage in your Long Beach home as a result of a faulty washing machine, call SERVPRO of Northeast Long Beach/Lakewood to fix the source of the problem and reverse the water damage. We’re available 24/7 at 562-420-0030.


7/17/2019 (Permalink)

Many Long Beach residents are using air conditioning units to combat the hot summer months, but did you know these units can easily lead to water damage if not maintained properly? 

If you notice your A/C unit leaking water in your residence, it’s important to quickly take steps to minimize damage to your property. First, perform a quick inspection to identify where specifically the water is coming from. You may consider the following six major reasons that A/C units leak when beginning the troubleshooting process:

  • A broken pump
  • A/C condenser coil is leaking
  • Faulty installation
  • Dirty filter
  • Overflow pan is damaged
  • A/C drain line is clogged

Regardless of what caused the leak, it is important to call SERVPRO of Northeast Long Beach/Lakewood to obtain a professional estimate and thoughtful plan to repair your water damaged floors and walls. We can help identify the source of the leak and ensure it is repaired to prevent further damage. We are available 24/7 to take your call.